Entrants by Club

Final list as of 11/04/19

Race no FirstName Surname Gender Club
181 John Arbury M Alton Runners
654 Jim Armitage M Alton Runners
495 Diane Byrne F Alton Runners
150 Stephen Clow M Alton Runners
579 Eli Dawson M Alton Runners
237 Julie Humphries F Alton Runners
580 Jamie Kilner-Smith M Alton Runners
14 Fran Light F Alton Runners
426 Alistair Morey M Alton Runners
488 Esther Park F Alton Runners
350 michael Pearce M alton runners
425 Emma Proctor F Alton Runners
508 Clare Read F Alton Runners
510 Jonathan Read M Alton Runners
201 Philip Scrase M Alton Runners
223 Jane Scrase F Alton Runners
578 Richard Scrase M Alton Runners
301 Michael Sennett M Alton Runners
266 Naomi Shaylor F Alton Runners
65 Richard Taylor M Alton Runners
95 Diane Urquhart F Alton Runners
96 Ian Urquhart M Alton Runners
145 Steve Brett M Andover AC
335 Andy Caldwell M Andover AC
679 John Kane M Andover AC
566 Mike Webber M Andover AC
172 Abigail Woolaston F Andover AC
336 Chris Hobbs M Ashford AC
906 Jonathan Hobbs M Ashford AC
272 Mark Harris M Avon Valley Runners
45 Richard Hudson M Avon Valley Runners
340 Suzanne Anderson F Blackwater Valley Runners
339 Elaine Campbell F Blackwater Valley Runners
415 Alan Freestone M Blackwater Valley Runners
328 Charlotte Hiscock F Blackwater Valley Runners
327 Heather Rigg F Blackwater Valley Runners
333 Alison Shilley F Blackwater Valley Runners
329 Mary Thane F Blackwater Valley Runners
274 Penny Webster F Blackwater Valley Runners
179 Rob McTaggart M Bournemouth AC
925 Thomas Gibson M Cambridge Coleridge AC
380 Jude Ball F Chandlers Ford Community Running Gr
594 Steve Round M Cherwell Runners Joggers
83 Lucy Howard F Chichester Runners
511 Paula Walker F Chiltern Harriers AC
138 Mark Hargreaves M City Of Portsmouth AC
529 Emma Jolley F City Of Portsmouth AC
135 Emma Jane Montiel F City Of Portsmouth AC
345 Jonathan Alston M City Of Salisbury AC RC
305 Joanne Bailey F City Of Salisbury AC RC
146 Rachel Bala F City Of Salisbury AC RC
392 James Ballard M City Of Salisbury AC RC
663 Richard Bidmead M City Of Salisbury AC RC
35 Ann Blondel F City Of Salisbury AC RC
551 Peter Bott M City Of Salisbury AC RC
403 Michael Brewster M City Of Salisbury AC RC
404 Sarah Brewster F City Of Salisbury AC RC
47 LESLEY BROWN F City Of Salisbury AC RC
40 Clare Burton F City Of Salisbury AC RC
898 Peter Callanan M City Of Salisbury AC RC
5 Kris Cassidy M City Of Salisbury AC RC
433 John Chamberlain M City Of Salisbury AC RC
28 Christian Chandler M City Of Salisbury AC RC
204 Carol Chlebowski F City Of Salisbury AC RC
205 Jacqueline Chlebowski F City Of Salisbury AC RC
796 Emma Clarke F City Of Salisbury AC RC
217 Joseph Cornwall M City Of Salisbury AC RC
846 Grace Cousins F City Of Salisbury AC RC
803 Jonathan Croom M City Of Salisbury AC RC
32 Kendra Cummins F City Of Salisbury AC RC
374 Richard Davidson M City Of Salisbury AC RC
951 Kathryn Dreyer F City Of Salisbury AC RC
895 Kathy Dudman F City Of Salisbury AC RC
840 Tim Fewins M City Of Salisbury AC RC
158 Juliet Field F City Of Salisbury AC RC
714 Richard Greenwood M City Of Salisbury AC RC
672 Grace Griffiths F City Of Salisbury AC RC
486 Marc Hankins M City Of Salisbury AC RC
952 Jeanette Hardiman F City Of Salisbury AC RC
230 Pete Harris M City Of Salisbury AC RC
712 Matthew Harris M City Of Salisbury AC RC
543 James Hassan M City Of Salisbury AC RC
549 Jackie Hassan F City Of Salisbury AC RC
885 Samantha Hibdige F City Of Salisbury AC RC
107 Heather Hitchins F City Of Salisbury AC RC
269 Melvyn Holloway M City Of Salisbury AC RC
699 Andrew Holme M City Of Salisbury AC RC
194 Anita Holt F City Of Salisbury AC RC
195 Paul Holt M City Of Salisbury AC RC
242 Richard Holt M City Of Salisbury AC RC
770 Esther Horwood F City Of Salisbury AC RC
88 Nick Hudson M City Of Salisbury AC RC
708 Rithy Hy M City Of Salisbury AC RC
505 Charlotte Ingram F City Of Salisbury AC RC
91 Ceri Jones F City Of Salisbury AC RC
4 Janine Kemm F City Of Salisbury AC RC
175 Jonathan Kershaw M City Of Salisbury AC RC
127 Poppy Langdon-Down F City Of Salisbury AC RC
711 Richard Larcombe M City Of Salisbury AC RC
34 Ricky Lee M City Of Salisbury AC RC
665 Rachel Levinsohn F City Of Salisbury AC RC
213 Vanessa Maple F City Of Salisbury AC RC
581 Chris Maple M City Of Salisbury AC RC
710 Jeremy Mardles M City Of Salisbury AC RC
70 Jo Marks F City Of Salisbury AC RC
10 Colin Martin M City Of Salisbury AC RC
303 Kieran McManus M City Of Salisbury AC RC
33 James Mills M City Of Salisbury AC RC
474 Lisa Milner F City Of Salisbury AC RC
881 Steven Mitchell M City Of Salisbury AC RC
355 Al Moutray M City Of Salisbury AC RC
338 Melenie Murphy F City Of Salisbury AC RC
668 Anne Norman F City Of Salisbury AC RC
185 Kevin O’Leary M City Of Salisbury AC RC
805 James Patrickson M City Of Salisbury AC RC
253 Lisa Phaure F City Of Salisbury AC RC
722 James Presley M City Of Salisbury AC RC
682 Hannah Reeves F City Of Salisbury AC RC
169 John Roberts M City Of Salisbury AC RC
16 Stuart Robertson M City Of Salisbury AC RC
616 Steve Robinson M City Of Salisbury AC RC
894 Charlotte Routledge F City Of Salisbury AC RC
675 Bex Roycroft F City Of Salisbury AC RC
582 Catherine Rynne F City Of Salisbury AC RC
705 Alison Scott F City Of Salisbury AC RC
575 Melanie Simpson F City Of Salisbury AC RC
85 Philip Smith M City Of Salisbury AC RC
497 David Smith M City Of Salisbury AC RC
661 Emma Smith F City Of Salisbury AC RC
143 John Sowray M City Of Salisbury AC RC
234 Helen Springett F City Of Salisbury AC RC
804 Sam Stephenson M City Of Salisbury AC RC
442 Lee Syrett M City Of Salisbury AC RC
27 Fiona Thatcher F City Of Salisbury AC RC
295 Ali Theobald F City Of Salisbury AC RC
1 Ruth Thom F City Of Salisbury AC RC
896 Sian Thomas F City Of Salisbury AC RC
828 Kevin Tilley M City Of Salisbury AC RC
421 Shelley Tolcher F City Of Salisbury AC RC
109 Barry Vincent M City Of Salisbury AC RC
53 Denise von Roretz F City Of Salisbury AC RC
49 Duncan Watkinson M City Of Salisbury AC RC
680 Paul Watling M City Of Salisbury AC RC
71 Craig Weatherburn M City Of Salisbury AC RC
211 Norbert WEBER M City Of Salisbury AC RC
11 Jane Whiteley F City Of Salisbury AC RC
766 Nicholas Willetts M City Of Salisbury AC RC
691 Richard Williams M City Of Salisbury AC RC
208 Annie Wills F City Of Salisbury AC RC
90 Carole Wiltshire F City Of Salisbury AC RC
620 Paul Woodhouse M City Of Salisbury AC RC
373 Lu Yarwood F City Of Salisbury AC RC
48 Tom Darby M Clapham Chasers
817 Carl Griffett M DARC
464 Kirsty Aked F Denmead Striders
465 Terry Aked M Denmead Striders
534 Gary Armstrong M Denmead Striders
808 Adam Chant M Denmead Striders
810 Matthew Cheyney M Denmead striders
151 Graham Clarke M Denmead Striders
919 James Cocksedge M Denmead Striders
317 Tracey Crank F Denmead Striders
157 Anita Crawley F Denmead Striders
857 Kev Gale M Denmead Striders
279 Brian Harris M Denmead Striders
871 Michael Harrison M Denmead Striders
619 Stuart Hoare M Denmead Striders
875 Sean James M Denmead Striders
485 Matthew Madill M Denmead Striders
818 Julian Manning M Denmead Striders
60 Gary McCawley M Denmead Striders
889 Alan McVittie M Denmead Striders
886 Jenny Parks F Denmead Striders
533 Lisa-Marie Peckover F Denmead Striders
452 Darren Phillips M Denmead Striders
849 Kev Raymond M Denmead Striders
806 Daniel Shawyer M Denmead Striders
858 Dan Starkey M Denmead Striders
72 Elizabeth Steward F Denmead Striders
783 Linda Taylor F Denmead Striders
853 Simon Toms M Denmead Striders
843 Lee Weeks M Denmead Striders
812 Clare Welch F Denmead Striders
813 Paul Welch M Denmead Striders
731 Caroline Whiting F Denmead Striders
94 Rob Wilson M Denmead Striders
911 Jennifer Macmaster F Devizes RC
326 Paul Backhouse M Eastleigh RC
878 Jane Buxton F Eastleigh RC
344 frankie colling F Eastleigh RC
133 Lily Coull F Eastleigh RC
125 Jeffrey Deacon M Eastleigh RC
126 Claire Deacon M Eastleigh RC
416 Paul Eade M Eastleigh RC
430 Helen Falla F Eastleigh RC
260 paul Hammond M Eastleigh RC
645 Daniel Hill M Eastleigh RC
439 Brian Jones M Eastleigh RC
595 Rich McAleer M Eastleigh RC
365 James Munn M Eastleigh RC
557 Sarah Nangle F Eastleigh RC
822 Nicholas Pink M Eastleigh RC
879 Neiil Richmond M Eastleigh RC
844 Peter Robbins M Eastleigh RC
173 Rebecca Roberts F Eastleigh RC
642 Jason Shoesmith M Eastleigh RC
593 James White M Eastleigh RC
890 Laura Cundy F Emersons Green Running Club
280 Susan Long F Emersons Green Running Club
737 Lucy Bartlett F Fareham Crusaders RC
99 Louise Bridges F Fareham Crusaders RC
371 Mark Brooks M Fareham Crusaders RC
385 Edward Casper M Fareham Crusaders RC
590 Phil Chamberlain M Fareham Crusaders RC
937 Lisa Delicate F Fareham Crusaders RC
939 David Delicate M Fareham Crusaders RC
727 Dean Dolman M Fareham Crusaders RC
728 Rachel Dolman M Fareham Crusaders RC
848 Neil Driscoll M Fareham Crusaders RC
758 David Fleet M Fareham Crusaders RC
850 Anita Foy F Fareham Crusaders RC
845 Stefan Goodson M Fareham Crusaders RC
876 Andrew Hillam M Fareham Crusaders RC
378 Andy Holmes M Fareham Crusaders RC
377 Emlyn Hughes M Fareham Crusaders RC
379 David Hughes M Fareham Crusaders RC
402 Kelly Kelly F Fareham Crusaders RC
504 John Kidby M Fareham Crusaders RC
382 Julie ockwell F Fareham Crusaders RC
662 John Saunders M Fareham Crusaders RC
800 Paul Shawyer M Fareham Crusaders RC
832 Paul Snelling M Fareham Crusaders RC
387 Paul Southon M Fareham Crusaders RC
359 Mark Viccars M Fareham Crusaders RC
587 Nick White M Fareham Crusaders RC
743 Brian Wright M Fareham Crusaders RC
829 Geoff Brown M Farnham Runners
830 Kathy Brown F Farnham Runners
264 James Clarke M Farnham Runners
154 Christopher Cramp M Farnham Runners
717 Mike Dunkley M Farnham Runners
795 Tim Farrant M Farnham Runners
583 richard frost M Farnham Runners
841 Jane Georghiou F Farnham Runners
732 Vicky Goodluck F Farnham Runners
389 Ali Hardaway M Farnham Runners
597 Tina Harrison F Farnham Runners
755 Keith Marshall M Farnham Runners
467 Matt Saker M Farnham Runners
129 Anne Snelson F Farnham Runners
809 Harvey Wickham M Farnham Runners
431 Robert Cornwell M Fleet Crookham AC
262 Ben Raggett M Fleet Crookham AC
927 Joseph Donworth M Frome RC
591 Steven Davis M Gordonians RC
141 Kevin Allen M Gosport Road Runners
443 TRACY BALE F Gosport Road Runners
571 Nicolas Boorn M Gosport Road Runners
945 Andy Brown M Gosport Road Runners
860 Kevin Busch M Gosport Road Runners
54 Nick Carter M Gosport Road Runners
55 Kim Carter F Gosport Road Runners
470 Kim Carter F Gosport Road Runners
475 Angela Claridge F Gosport Road Runners
536 Dean Conway M Gosport Road Runners
6 Adam Crook M Gosport Road Runners
186 Gillian Dowling F Gosport Road Runners
552 Ken Eaden M Gosport Road Runners
468 Brian Fisher M Gosport Road Runners
523 Colin Gardner M Gosport Road Runners
503 Amy Gower F Gosport Road Runners
492 Sam Graham M Gosport Road Runners
524 Cathy Harman F Gosport Road Runners
943 Debbie Humphreys F Gosport Road Runners
572 Sophie Hurlo F Gosport Road Runners
709 Robert Hylands M Gosport Road Runners
521 mark jakins M Gosport Road Runners
473 Ben Jarvis M Gosport Road Runners
459 Mick Kearney M Gosport Road Runners
946 David Kitching M Gosport Road Runners
304 Richard Law M Gosport Road Runners
611 Lynne Lemmis F Gosport Road Runners
494 Gavin Llewellyn M Gosport Road Runners
527 Karen Morby F Gosport Road Runners
487 Tonia Morrell F Gosport Road Runners
460 Nikki Moxham F Gosport Road Runners
472 Caroline Musto F Gosport Road Runners
479 Caroline Oakes F Gosport Road Runners
519 Jeanette Oneill F Gosport Road Runners
764 Paula Pearce F Gosport Road Runners
267 Dale Poulter M Gosport Road Runners
498 Julia Roiz de Sa F Gosport Road Runners
471 Jenny Shilling F Gosport Road Runners
496 chris sparshott M Gosport Road Runners
539 Donna Tatem F Gosport Road Runners
174 Fiona Tomlinson F Gosport Road Runners
502 David Whiting M Gosport Road Runners
528 Steve Wood M Gosport Road Runners
263 Vicki Clarke F Hardley Runners
188 Jane Hodge F Hardley Runners
950 Martin Loveless M Hardley Runners
132 Graham Robbins M Hardley Runners
42 Karen Denham F Hardley Runners
537 Andrew Kinney M Harlow RC
429 Neil Cunliffe M Hart Road Runners
226 Karen Swan F Hart Road Runners
383 Dave Warman M Hatch Warren Runners
298 William Baggs M Hedge End RC
370 Jerome Bordry M Hedge End RC
368 Ian Bowers M Hedge End RC
38 Mike Bridgeman M Hedge End RC
367 Chris Brooks M Hedge End RC
434 Sarah Butler F Hedge End RC
358 Christopher Chester M Hedge End RC
219 Alan Cowan M Hedge End RC
46 Yvonne Coxhill F Hedge End RC
19 Marie Droniou-Bordry F Hedge End RC
617 Andrew Dudgeon M Hedge End RC
612 Jonathan Farrington M Hedge End RC
887 Alice Fenlon F Hedge End RC
246 Michael Furlong M Hedge End RC
128 James Grove M Hedge End RC
807 Lesley Hoskins F Hedge End RC
730 Robert Jones M Hedge End RC
643 Joanne Labram F Hedge End RC
747 James Lathwell M Hedge End RC
59 Nigel Lee M Hedge End RC
507 Cliff Manton M Hedge End RC
52 Sarah Martin F Hedge End RC
287 Brian Matthews M Hedge End RC
653 Will Miller M Hedge End RC
740 Richard Moseley M Hedge End RC
791 Lauren Mudliar F Hedge End RC
23 Pauline Nicholson F Hedge End RC
117 Tracy Puttock F Hedge End RC
819 Diane Rice-Adams F Hedge End RC
190 Danielle Rossiter F Hedge End RC
922 Leanne Sheill F Hedge End RC
926 Tracey Shepperd F Hedge End RC
432 Lisa Small F Hedge End RC
802 Marky Staples M Hedge End RC
398 Becky Stark F Hedge End RC
792 Sharon Summers F Hedge End RC
749 Michelle Surtees F Hedge End RC
438 Andrew Taphouse M Hedge End RC
686 Robson Trendell M Hedge End RC
50 Danielle Ward F Hedge End RC
68 Rob Wright M Hedge End RC
930 Gayle Morris F Independent Intelligent Fitness
273 David Blake M Isle Of Wight RR AC
469 Tanya Clifford F Isle Of Wight RR AC
674 Matthew Fletcher M Isle Of Wight RR AC
268 Bridget Keyte F Isle Of Wight RR AC
79 Simon Pilcher M Isle Of Wight RR AC
318 Kevin Rann M Isle Of Wight RR AC
446 Nick Scott-Denness M Isle Of Wight RR AC
314 Sarah Sharp F Isle Of Wight RR AC
315 Garry Sharp M Isle Of Wight RR AC
738 Zoe Sherwin F Isle Of Wight RR AC
592 Ross Wilkes M Isle Of Wight RR AC
940 Scott Appleby M Itchen Spitfires RC
300 Wayne Bellows M Itchen Spitfires RC
723 Christopher Connell M Itchen Spitfires RC
694 Catherine Elsom F Itchen Spitfires RC
677 Jamie Foster M Itchen Spitfires RC
912 Stuart Foster M Itchen Spitfires RC
799 Sue Haig F Itchen Spitfires RC
692 Trevor Hillier M Itchen Spitfires RC
655 Gillam McClure M Itchen Spitfires RC
794 Kerry Murray F Itchen Spitfires RC
650 Adam Ruddy M Itchen Spitfires RC
693 Ruth Sadler F Itchen Spitfires RC
676 Rebecca Smith F Itchen Spitfires RC
664 Robin Stacey M Itchen Spitfires RC
601 Sara Taylor F Itchen Spitfires RC
811 Mark Tew M Itchen Spitfires RC
656 Andrew Walker M Itchen Spitfires RC
651 Stuart White M Itchen Spitfires RC
904 Alana Williams F Itchen Spitfires RC
784 Faith Tipper F Ivanhoe Runners
515 Jodie Wilmott F IWRR AC
516 Peter Wilmott M IWRR AC
240 Richard Bullen M Les Croupiers Running Club
241 Yvonne Bullen F Les Croupiers Running Club
684 Ellie CampbellRicketts F Lichfield RC
856 Robin Greenfield M Liss Runners
243 Sarah Hales F Liss Runners
331 Cliff Pay M Liss Runners
228 Catherine Seager F Liss Runners
821 Chris Wilson M LIss Runners
362 Tracy Ashley F Littledown Harriers
774 Guy Burdett M Littledown Harriers
391 elina copage F Littledown Harriers
366 Luke Dowsett M Littledown Harriers
363 Scott Dutton M Littledown Harriers
353 susie elliott F Littledown Harriers
942 Maria Everett F Littledown Harriers
349 Kathy Fooks F Littledown Harriers
683 vince fowler M Littledown Harriers
388 Sara Genco F Littledown Harriers
84 Helen Gilbert F Littledown Harriers
414 Darren Holmes M Littledown Harriers
448 Caroline Horder F Littledown Harriers
294 Martin Hudson M Littledown Harriers
901 Andrew Isaac M Littledown Harriers
156 Suzanne Janes F Littledown Harriers
558 Jacqueline Jenkins F Littledown Harriers
322 Heather Khoshnevis F Littledown Harriers
369 Tracey Lander F Littledown Harriers
357 Chris Lane M Littledown Harriers
941 Paul Lock M Littledown Harriers
325 Stephen OConnell M Littledown Harriers
92 Mark Packer M Littledown Harriers
178 Ken Parradine M Littledown Harriers
499 Heather Ratcliffe F Littledown Harriers
332 Caroline Searle F Littledown Harriers
384 JOSEPH SHERWOOD M Littledown Harriers
361 Rebecca Sinkinson F Littledown Harriers
97 Mike Terry M Littledown Harriers
341 paul Turle M Littledown Harriers
249 Nicola Whittaker F Littledown Harriers
938 David Wilson M Littledown Harriers
87 jonathan woods M Littledown Harriers
781 David Ball M Lonely Goat Running Club
463 Karen Curtain F Lonely Goat Running Club
782 Graham Evans M Lonely Goat Running Club
311 Eileen Fitzgeral F Lonely Goat Running Club
108 Dave MacAulay M Lonely Goat Running Club
637 Lucy Titcombe F Lonely Goat Running Club
102 Jan Underdown F Lonely Goat Running Club
719 Ian White M Lonely Goat Running Club
798 Robert Agar M Lordshill Road Runners
833 Dominic Ashton M Lordshill Road Runners
244 Helen Backshell F Lordshill Road Runners
786 duncan beck M Lordshill Road Runners
768 Luke Burnett M Lordshill Road Runners
734 Claire Cannon F Lordshill Road Runners
837 Abigail Cheesman F Lordshill Road Runners
423 Chris Cook M Lordshill Road Runners
868 Patrick Cooper M Lordshill Road Runners
607 Kathryn Davies F Lordshill Road Runners
451 Sarah Davis F Lordshill Road Runners
772 Abbigail Dent F Lordshill Road Runners
139 Rosie Essery F Lordshill Road Runners
834 Beth Farrow F Lordshill Road Runners
168 Amy Fowler F Lordshill Road Runners
778 Lucy Fraser F Lordshill Road Runners
25 Dan Gallagher M Lordshill Road Runners
400 Sari Giering F Lordshill Road Runners
838 Connie Green F Lordshill Road Runners
458 Nicholas Griffiths M Lordshill Road Runners
530 Joanne House F Lordshill Road Runners
685 Adam Hurst M Lordshill Road Runners
568 Paul Jamieson M Lordshill Road Runners
855 Rhian Jeffery F Lordshill Road Runners
729 Steve Johnson M Lordshill Road Runners
200 Alice Jones F Lordshill Road Runners
22 Charlotte Keeler F Lordshill Road Runners
570 Leanne Kennison F Lordshill Road Runners
640 Chris Lamb M Lordshill Road Runners
206 Peter Lewis M Lordshill Road Runners
702 Helen Lovell F Lordshill Road Runners
407 Louise Lovesey F Lordshill Road Runners
408 Matthew Lovesey M Lordshill Road Runners
121 Diane Mattingly F Lordshill Road Runners
609 Mike Mattingly M Lordshill Road Runners
695 Dani Mattingly F Lordshill Road Runners
877 Michael Mcmahon M Lordshill Road Runners
163 David Milton M Lordshill Road Runners
386 Ben Pitman M Lordshill Road Runners
836 Teri Pragnell F Lordshill Road Runners
704 Rayne Prendergast F Lordshill Road Runners
639 David Reynolds M Lordshill Road Runners
905 Eve Richardson F Lordshill Road Runners
733 Aaron Rogers M Lordshill Road Runners
296 Christian Searle M Lordshill Road Runners
455 Aron Sebesteny M Lordshill Road Runners
454 Katalin Sebesteny-Gyore F Lordshill Road Runners
948 Lisa Smith F Lordshill Road Runners
839 Benjamin Tavendale M Lordshill Road Runners
854 Jill White F Lordshill Road Runners
602 Tim Withers M Lordshill Road Runners
669 Sharon Cruse F Lymington Athletes
285 Cristina Regueiro Castro F Lymington Athletes
893 liz Jochum F Moms run this town
629 Antony Browne M Netley Abbey Runners
62 Vicki Brunink F Netley Abbey Runners
660 Mathew Captain M Netley Abbey Runners
632 KIRA Day F Netley Abbey Runners
816 Laura Jack F Netley Abbey Runners
615 Ruth Johnson F Netley Abbey Runners
634 Georgia Judd F Netley Abbey Runners
646 Holly Matthews F Netley Abbey Runners
947 Shelley-Anne Morgan F Netley Abbey Runners
630 Jessica Prior F Netley Abbey Runners
334 Jeremy Robbins M Netley Abbey Runners
636 Jackie Titcombe F Netley Abbey Runners
134 Karen Watson F Netley Abbey Runners
441 Alastair Pickburn M New Forest Runners
224 Trisha Reilly F New Forest Runners
739 Steve Cannon M Newport
67 Ian Robinson M OS Runners
113 Neil Wilson M OS Runners
376 Katie Brothers F Overton Harriers
232 SIAN DAVIES F Overton Harriers
736 RICHARD FRANCIS M Overton Harriers
342 John Harrison M Overton Harriers
270 Sean Holmes M Overton Harriers
352 Gareth Juliff M Overton Harriers
869 Leonard Passingham M Overton Harriers
873 Stuart Searle M Overton Harriers
618 Claire Spencer F Overton Harriers
569 Mark Underwood M Overton Harriers
880 karen baggott F PNRC
606 James Dundas M PNRC
483 simon eggington M PNRC
867 Lewis Jones M PNRC
866 Helen Jude F PNRC
500 Philip Audrain M Poole AC
239 Chris Bradshaw M Poole AC
924 David Broadley M Poole AC
257 Steve Buller M Poole AC
299 Roy Carr M Poole AC
292 Lorraine Cerquella F Poole AC
293 Melanie Coles F Poole AC
233 Ann Deverill F Poole AC
256 Graham Filmer M Poole AC
440 Grace Galton F Poole AC
245 Eric Gilbert M Poole AC
690 Jackie Godden F Poole AC
902 Karen Gregory F Poole AC
907 Steven Gregory M Poole AC
457 Kirstin Hay F Poole AC
544 Emma HendersonBishop F Poole AC
229 Ian Hitching M Poole AC
525 Zoe Houlton F Poole AC
936 Kim Hunt F Poole AC
238 Nuala Irven F Poole AC
613 Emma Jones F Poole AC
614 Doug Jones M Poole AC
284 Claire Karnatz F Poole AC
461 Kevin McGrory M Poole AC
462 Maggie McGrory F Poole AC
170 catherine Midgley F Poole AC
231 Barry Miller M Poole AC
411 Trisha Mills F Poole AC
735 Andrew Mills M Poole AC
897 Darren Moore M Poole AC
918 Lesley Moore F Poole AC
466 Karen Peedell F Poole AC
899 Nicola Sawyer F Poole AC
412 Kat Smart F Poole AC
413 struck.cheryl@gmal.com Struck F Poole AC
276 Gary Tissington M Poole AC
409 Lynne Welch F Poole AC
935 Mel Carroll F Poole Runners
98 Stephen Maley M Portobello Running Club
556 Annette Ablitt F Portsmouth Joggers
406 Natasha Armstrong F Portsmouth Joggers
565 ROGER DAVIES M Portsmouth Joggers
197 Kiernan Easton M Portsmouth Joggers
765 Simon Evans M Portsmouth Joggers
522 Isabel Gardner F Portsmouth Joggers
584 Mark Grandy M Portsmouth Joggers
278 Ian Hayward M Portsmouth Joggers
644 Jonny Langley M Portsmouth Joggers
657 robert langley M Portsmouth Joggers
560 Jane Nockemann F Portsmouth Joggers
100 Debbie Pentland F Portsmouth Joggers
101 Bob Pentland M Portsmouth Joggers
152 Michael Rae M Portsmouth Joggers
142 John Shepherd M Portsmouth Joggers
763 Alison Smith F Portsmouth Joggers
576 Georgina Stait F Portsmouth Joggers
577 Benjamin Stait M Portsmouth Joggers
824 Nicola Thomas F Portsmouth Joggers
773 Deborah Winn F Portsmouth Joggers
192 Bonnie Brown F Purbeck Runners
261 Richard Cross M Romsey Road Runners
209 Rob Gowman M Romsey Road Runners
271 Daniel Lurcock M Romsey Road Runners
870 Alex Prinsep M Romsey Road Runners
110 sue stileman F Romsey Road Runners
112 Mark stileman M Romsey Road Runners
375 Becky Tovey F Romsey Road Runners
351 Yvie Fisher F Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds RC
949 Rosie Eldridge F Ryde Harriers
9 Michelle Martin F Ryde Harriers
155 Trevor McAlister M Ryde Harriers
628 Natalie rose F Ryde Harriers
12 michael boardman M Salisbury Tri club
61 Tony Hamilton M Salisbury Tri club
39 Vicki Crossland F Sarum sisters
687 Jennifer Davies F Sarum Sisters
66 Monica Edmonds F Sarum sisters
659 Philippa Glanville F Sarum Sisters
934 Carl Daniels M Shrewton RC
815 Charlotte Taylor F Shrewton RC
436 Katherine Barbour F Solent Running Sisters
888 Fiona Donovan F Solent Running Sisters
444 Marie Dure F Solent Running Sisters
310 Angela Goodall F Solent Running Sisters
610 Nicola Hughes F Solent Running Sisters
445 Clare Morris F Solent Running Sisters
164 Claire Roberts F Solent Running Sisters
37 Jo Rolfe F Solent Running Sisters
354 Anne Sales F Solent Running Sisters
166 Sue Wilton F Solent Running Sisters
673 David Hopkinson M South West Veterans AC
760 Scott Augur M Southampton AC
910 Liam Barry-Carroll M Southampton AC
547 Lucy Harrison F Southampton AC
348 Matt Hibberd M Southampton AC
608 Stuart Hicks M Southampton AC
797 Hannah Polden F Southampton AC
506 Richard Waldron M Southampton AC
713 Jon Ward M Southampton AC
123 Mark West M Southampton AC
754 Sue Freemantle F Storm Plymouth
235 David Abrams M Stubbington Green Runners
236 Sandra Abrams F Stubbington Green Runners
859 Kimberley Achurch F Stubbington Green Runners
780 Stuart Bamberger M Stubbington Green Runners
184 Sarah Barron F Stubbington Green Runners
118 Kathy Chamberlain F Stubbington Green Runners
248 Karen Charlton F Stubbington Green Runners
36 Richard Chowns M Stubbington Green Runners
626 Russ Coleman M Stubbington Green Runners
874 Graham Donnachie M Stubbington Green Runners
627 Jamie Earley M Stubbington Green Runners
191 Amy Fox F Stubbington Green Runners
862 Jodie Francis F Stubbington Green Runners
13 Rob Greenwood M Stubbington Green Runners
501 Catrina Groves F Stubbington Green Runners
308 Wendy Hawxwell F Stubbington Green Runners
187 George howarth M Stubbington Green Runners
478 Richard Jacks M Stubbington Green Runners
254 Julia Lawton F Stubbington Green Runners
419 Graham Martin M Stubbington Green Runners
535 Lucy May F Stubbington Green Runners
625 Sara McRitchie F Stubbington Green Runners
189 john parker M Stubbington Green Runners
247 Lindsay Pratt F Stubbington Green Runners
585 Carl Schafer M Stubbington Green Runners
56 Cliff Shaw M Stubbington Green Runners
57 Janet Shaw F Stubbington Green Runners
136 Dave Thorpe M Stubbington Green Runners
73 Jonathan Warner M Stubbington Green Runners
861 Mick Welland M Stubbington Green Runners
779 Mike White M Stubbington Green Runners
290 Simon Gardner M Thames Hare Hounds
215 Rob Barlow M Totton RC
216 Robbie Barlow M Totton RC
762 Alice Burch F Totton RC
769 Neil Cameron M Totton RC
787 Sophie Coady F Totton RC
847 Virginia Collins F Totton RC
872 Diana DAVIS F Totton RC
307 Andrew Gates M Totton RC
600 Mike Gordon M Totton RC
635 Daniel Hull M Totton RC
449 Christopher Hutchinson M Totton RC
26 Sophie James F Totton RC
776 Dorothea Kennard F Totton RC
321 Tony Lees M Totton RC
313 Amanda Miles F Totton RC
250 Mike Mills M Totton RC
251 Tina Mills F Totton RC
726 Emily Stoodley F Totton RC
330 Esther Wiley F Totton RC
381 Anja Robinson F Vegan Runners UK
115 Wendy Whitehead F Verwood Runners
823 peter beachill M Victory AC
745 Helen Boiling F Victory AC
203 Michelle Butler F Victory AC
757 Jim Clow M Victory AC
744 Mark Cooter M Victory AC
671 Marilyn Crocker F Victory AC
761 Simon Delves M Victory AC
785 Andrew Fuller M Victory AC
777 Jo Gilholm F Victory AC
410 Will Hahn M Victory AC
159 Terry Healy M Victory AC
176 Sara Heath F Victory AC
746 Darren knight M Victory AC
545 David Lown M Victory AC
171 Bridget Main F Victory AC
482 Beth Pirie F Victory AC
265 Linda Pukinska F Victory AC
933 Amanda Rudkin F Victory AC
493 Nicola Stott F Victory AC
759 Simon Turner M Victory AC
476 peter Rejchrt M Westbourne R C
477 sarah rejchrt F Westbourne R C
420 Richard Brent M Weston AC
605 Carol Brent F Weston AC
116 Andrew Olden M Wimborne AC
916 Claire Scammell F Wimborne AC
932 Rachel Byers F Winchester & District AC
177 Melissa Callister F Winchester & District AC
147 Joanne Clarke F Winchester & District AC
825 Steve Cluett M Winchester & District AC
302 Joanna Curtis F Winchester & District AC
2 Saul Duck M Winchester & District AC
428 Shirley Dyson-Laurie F Winchester & District AC
316 Sally Easton F Winchester & District AC
678 Imogen Emmett F Winchester & District AC
364 Miguel Flores M Winchester & District AC
538 David Gaskell M Winchester & District AC
480 Jo Jefferies F Winchester & District AC
346 Jonathan Kane M Winchester & District AC
574 Stephen Lowy M Winchester & District AC
122 Lynn McKeague F Winchester & District AC
491 richard munro M Winchester & District AC
74 Steve Oliver M Winchester & District AC
75 Carrie Oliver F Winchester & District AC
489 Joy Radford F Winchester & District AC
427 Charlotte Sharman F Winchester & District AC
221 Simon Stevens M Winchester & District AC
103 David Walker M Winchester & District AC
724 Patrick Warburton M Winchester & District AC
771 Erin Willmers F Winchester & District AC
196 Nick Wood M Winchester & District AC
864 Noelia Alcaniz de Nieva F
751 Charlotte Amos F
752 Jane Amos F
622 Tony Anderson M
288 Laura Appleton F
716 Gary Ashley M
18 Deborah Askew F
343 Nick Bailey M
546 James Baker M
130 Rachel Bateman F
312 Anne-Marie Bayliss F
589 Laura Beddard F
700 Mark Bonnor-Moris M
638 Rachel Bown F
144 Jenni Brett F
44 John Broadway M
167 Jon Brown M
258 Laura Buchanan F
741 Suzanne Bunday F
259 Paul Burgess M
347 David Burton M
165 Donna Chambers F
652 katie clements F
111 Lucy Coates F
114 Darren Coates M
161 Sally Collier F
162 Roger Collier M
104 Sarah Collishaw F
15 Janice Cook F
563 Clare Cook F
851 Stanley Cook M
160 Russell Cooper M
291 Tristan Cooper M
64 Joanna Corkill F
418 Kathy Cotter F
920 Angus Coull M
323 Kevin Cox M
324 Neema Cox F
633 Roma Cox F
356 Michael Cunningham M
399 Lenny Dalby F
360 Alison Daniell F
210 Cheryl Daniels F
3 Becky Davies F
514 Tommy Davies M
788 Darren Day M
789 Joan-hwa Day M
193 Bronwen Derry F
277 Chris Dewey M
417 Zena Dixon F
63 James Dovey M
397 Lucie Dovey F
670 Sue Dowding F
17 Peter Doyle M
252 chris Dunn-Veale M
424 Marie Dyer F
106 Bob Eagle M
526 Rob Earle M
820 Rhys Edwards M
790 Isabel Elgy F
929 Ian Elgy M
456 Daniel Elliott M
80 Natasha Ellis F
540 Victoria Fenwick F
863 Martyn Francis M
915 Ben Frayne M
623 Philip Freemantle M
289 Alison Gardner F
667 Peter Geary M
105 Rachel Gee F
286 Emma Giles F
720 fleur giles F
742 Sarah Giles F
282 Andrew Gimpel M
767 Tamsin GodfreyDavies F
928 Mark Gosney M
124 Mark Goulding M
297 Ben Graham M
153 Ben Grant M
725 Sally Greenslade F
395 Anna Gregory F
917 Emily Guy F
532 Andrew Hammett M
490 Jonathan Hargrave M
561 May Hart F
621 Alan Hayman M
903 Rebecca Healy F
573 Tom Hetherington M
908 Laura Higdon F
748 Sara Hillier F
21 Adam Hinton M
337 Rachel Hobbs F
212 Nick Hodge M
624 Nigel Homer M
923 Michael Horgan M
921 James Horrox M
43 Kerryn Hudson F
450 Kelly Hughes F
756 Amanda Hull F
69 Charlie Hutcheson M
422 Bethan Ingell F
666 Amanda Jefferies F
831 Sarah Jessup F
909 Kirsty Joisce F
631 Pam Jones F
182 Sarah Kaminski F
76 Lynda Keech F
77 David Keech M
78 Hannah Keech F
58 Ross Keel M
405 Alan Kelly M
255 Annie Kemp F
390 helen kerr F
914 Paul Kettle M
309 Wesley Kinerk M
512 Katie King F
31 Helen Lateo F
372 Amanda Lawrence F
703 Becks Lennane F
542 Keith Lewis M
548 Adrian Ling M
199 Sarah-Jayne Lyons F
319 Maddy Maley F
320 Tom Maley M
131 Rob Manning M
29 David Manston M
137 Stephen Marshall M
393 Jenny Marston F
7 Emma Mason F
681 Jo McCullam F
437 alan meaden M
51 Alice Melly F
900 Anthony Messer M
41 Christian Miles M
696 Tom Mingaye M
553 Louise Monington F
596 Kathleen Moore F
793 Catherine Morgan-Smith F
513 Alison Morris F
8 Adrian Moseley M
750 Mary Mowbray F
688 Beth Mowlam F
281 Sara Murtagh F
220 Tony Newton M
401 Mick Nielsen M
275 Corné Nieuwoudt M
564 Adrian Noble M
30 Lauren Norris F
913 Lisa Nugent F
835 Simon Ockelford M
706 Ian Painter M
520 Andrew Palmer M
588 Tracey Pearce F
198 Catrin Petty F
140 Matthew Pickett M
453 Luke Pierce M
559 Leo Poulter M
394 Jacqueline Pretty F
658 Anthony Quinn M
718 Peter Rattue M
852 Henrietta Rayner F
531 Leonora Richards F
20 Nicola Robertson F
218 Kate Robinson F
647 Jenny Robinson F
517 Daniel Roche M
518 Gemma Roche F
93 Colin Rogers M
775 Kara Rogers F
567 Brad Rouse M
435 Mike Rowe M
648 Lewis Rudman M
306 Suzanne Ruggi F
641 James Ruskin M
697 Mark Saxby M
562 Claire Sayer F
721 matthew schubert M
586 Mark Shaddock M
603 Holly Short F
598 Angela Siggs F
599 Angela Siggs F
842 Anne Slater F
24 Steven Smith M
207 Ben Smith M
649 Clive Smith M
753 Tash Smith F
707 emma smithson F
396 Carole South F
931 Simon Stait M
447 Josie Steinson F
202 Stacey Stevenson F
554 Sarah Stirman F
555 Richard Stirman M
180 Malcolm Stone M
149 Sarah Stovell F
826 Stephen Stroud M
827 Laura Stroud F
814 Corinne Sutherland F
225 David Swan M
689 Tom Swatridge M
701 Andrew Thomas M
883 Victoria Thomas F
884 Joshua Thomas M
509 andrea thorne F
801 Dominic Thornton M
944 Lee Torrens M
541 Rhys Van der Helm M
227 Hannah Wallis F
715 Mark Watson M
82 Saul Webb M
214 Sally Webb F
283 Chris Western M
89 Dawn Weymouth F
183 Dan Whittle-Smith M
891 Graham Wickham M
892 Paul Wickham M
81 Sarah Widgington F
550 Simon Wilkins M
484 Deborah Williams F
86 Craig Williamson M
148 Andy Winmill M
222 Shelley Wood F
698 Heather Wright F
604 Nathan Yates M
481 Robert Young M
119 Colin Younger M
120 Michelle Younger F


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